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    Icon is one of the fastest growing hospital, engaged in providing primary as well as tertiary healthcare services. It is a hospital chains that is founded and managed by professionals with a mission and a passion for providing healthcare for the needy.Our effort to provide quality health care with compassion has rewarded us with the honor of being the top healthcare provider in Andhra Pradesh. To provide the best and cost-effective care, accessible to every patient, through integrated clinical practice, education and research, delivered with compassion and concern through team spirit and transparency.
    Icon Group has been in health care services for the last two and a half decades catering to the needs of rural and semi urban areas. In its endeavor to cater to ever growing challenges in health care sector,was born the idea of establishing our new multispeciality hospital-icon hospitals, the institute of consiousness.to serve with care,compassion and dignity to each of those entering the temple of icon with a motto to heal always and forever.                                        The Dandamudi Group has been in the healthcare services for the last two decades catering to the needs of the rural and semi-urban areas. In its endeavor to cater to the ever growing challenges in the health sector, keeping in view the principle and tenets of the founder and philosopher Sushruta, the healing master in the field of surgery and plastic surgery "that the basis of practice of medicine is to know about your sister specialties and having a multi-disciplinary team to cater to the needs of the patients".font-family:" times="">Thus was born the idea of establishing our new multispecialty hospital.

Our Specialities

Anaesthesiology & Pain Management

Endocrinology & Metabolic diseases
Gastro Entrology

Our Specialities


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