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Most essential institutions in society have developed in response to an overwhelming need. A vision to provide quality healthcare , clinical excellence and enriching lives every minute, every day. To create infrastructure that meets the needs of the future that incorporates the latest technology and provides superior healthcare delivery systems. To create a world-class integrated healthcare delivery system in India, entailing the finest medical skills combined with compassionate patient care.

The Dandamudi Group has been in health care services for the last two and a half decades catering to the needs of rural and semi urban areas. In its endeavor to cater to ever growing challenges in health care sector,was born the idea of establishing our new multispeciality hospital-icon hospitals, the institute of consiousness.to serve with care,compassion and dignity to each of those entering the temple of icon with a motto to heal always and forever.

Personal Experiences

Doctor is very good, has good patience, friendly, easy going.

Raja Gopal, Hyderabad

One of the best hospital with friendly staff and best hands.

Prema Latha, Guntur

Personal Experiences

My special thanks to Dr.Krishna rao and best wishes for the hospital`s progress.

Bhaskar Reddy, Vijayawada

They treated every one as their relatives and do the very best.

Surya Teja, Hyderabad

ICON HOSPITALS is a private healthcare facility whose mission is to provide high quality,cost effective,International standard healthcare which will meet the needs and expectations of Hyderabad and the surrounding areas through comprehensive primary,secondary and selected tertiary care service